Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marathon Popping

Hi everyone!  I'm sorry I've been MIA this week, but if you following me on Twitter (@KCbakes), you know I have been busy with a ton of cake pops!  Here's how my work looks in numbers:

- 160 cake pops hand-rolled, dipped & bagged
- 100 cake pop tags
- 13 hours of work
- 11 colors of chocolate
- 2 types of cake
- 1 sore & exhausted baker

I soooo need to get one of those kitchen gel mats, because my feet/back are KILLING me!  Anyhoo, check out the fruit of my labor :-)

25 vanilla pops,  "Good Luck James" at California University of Pennsylvania

50 red velvet pops, "Good Luck Keneysha" at Delaware State University

25 vanilla pops, "Good Luck Jade" at Neumann University

30 vanilla pops, pastel rainbow drizzle

I had leftover pops, so I made 20 of these. Gotta love hot pink & black :-)


  1. Hi Kim! How do you get your chocolate so 'hot pink' and black so 'black' I love all of these pops but these are my favorite! :) Thanks - Laura

  2. Well done Kim! I think your cakepops are awesome!

  3. Laura - for the pink, I used a small amount of white candy melts, and a LOT of Wilton's pink candy dye. For the black, I used a trick my friend Michelle taught me... mix dark chocolate melts with dark blue candy melts. This gets you to a very dark grey. Then I added some Wilton's black candy dye to get it "black" black :)

    Thanks everyone for the kind comments :)

  4. I love the pastel drizzle!

  5. Thank you Kim! They're all so pretty!

  6. Kim how do you get your drizzle/lines so perfect? Constantly struggling with this.

  7. Hi Alexandra - sorry I'm just responding to your question now, I didn't realize you had asked :)

    I put my melted candy into a Ziplog bag and snip off the end. I've found you have to be a little quick with the drizzle. If you do it too slow, it will puddle or get squiggly lines, instead of thin straight lines.

    I hope that helps :)