Thursday, August 4, 2011

My Savings Secrets

If I've said it once, I've said it 100 times... never go shopping without a coupon.  If you don't mind throwing away your money, you can PayPal me what you don't want (juuuust kidding, lol).  But seriously, save your money folks. There is just no reason to pay full price if you don't have to.  So here are a 3 of my favorite shopping tips and strategies that I've developed to maximize my savings.

Specifically for craft purchases, you don't have to go whack-a-doo like the Extreme Couponing people. No dumpster diving or newspaper stealing required for these savings.  Go to your local craft store's website... most have some type of printable coupon for that week.  Also, sign up to be on their email list.  I admit, I delete half of what they send me.  But there are those times that they send out really great deals that I would've missed otherwise.

TIP #1: AC Moore always has a 40% or 50% off coupon to save on one item.  Print a handful of coupons. Grab a friend (or two), and arm them with a coupon, then check out separately - this way you save on more than one item.  

I also like to print a few extra coupons, especially the good ones, and if I see shoppers with a full cart or an expensive-looking purchase, I'll give them a few.  Sharing is caring!  One time I spotted a bride-to-be buying a wedding invitation kit. I knew from experience that those things are expensive, so I gave her an extra 50% off coupon I had... it saved her $45!  That felt good :)

TIP #2: Sign up for the store rewards card.  Most people avoid the store cards because they think they are a hassle. But not utilizing the store card is the same as doing this...

At AC Moore, you get one point for every dollar you spend. Then, when you get to 200 points, you get a $10 gift certificate in the mail.  It's that easy!  And if you're a serious crafter like me, those points add up quick... I'm not even going to tell you how many free gift certificates I've gotten from my AC Moore card.  TIP #2 bonus: if you forget your card, they can use your phone number instead, right?  So, if your friends or family tend to shop at the same store, tell them to use your phone number when checking out to help you earn extra points.

TIP #3: Don't forget about competitor's coupons!  Most retailers will honor their competitor's coupons to make sure you shop at their store.  But before you load up your shopping cart, stop at the Customer Service desk to double-check their coupon policy... you don't want to be that person in line... you know who I mean, haha.

Do you have any tips or tricks that help you save money?


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  1. I follow all of these smart savings suggestions but I also buy discounted gift cards from or it saves me an additional 16-24% off AC Moore or Michael's gift cards- makes my money go even further :o)