Monday, October 10, 2011

"Pushing" the Envelope

Here at KC Bakes, our goal is to create high-quality cake pop stands for bakers to use to decorate, display and transport their cake pops.  And while cake pops are our #1 market, we've been creating custom stands for quite a few other items lately!

One of our newest stand projects has been for Cake Push Pops... have you heard of these? They are these nifty plastic cylinders that are filled with layers of cake and frosting - check out these Patriotic Push Pops from Love from the Oven. They make great party favors and are a cool way to mix n' match brightly colored frosting with various flavors of cake. 

Given their unique shape, they can be tricky to display on counters or at parties... so check out this custom Skinny Mini Stand that we created for Go Cakes NYC!

This got me thinking... what else can our cake pop stands be used for other than cake pops?  I was so surprised by what I found, I created a new section on our website... Fun with Sticks!  Pie Pops, Pizza Pops & more?  Trust me, you don't want to miss this...


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