Friday, October 21, 2011

Thriving During the Holidays

A couple weeks ago, I told you about a Twitter chat I attended called #startupchat. I found it so informative & inspiring that I set up a weekly email reminder for every Wednesday at 2:00pm EST so that I didn't miss a chat.

This week's topic was How to Thrive During the Holidays.  I launched KC Bakes in April, making this our first holiday season, so I was excited to see what topics would come up.  And yet again, I saw so many great tips, thoughts and ideas!  Here are some of my favorite tweets from the chat...

@TesaRaeCreative Outlining a strategy that can become tradition year over year, something that customers can look forward to.

@BusinessPrtnrs sending out aN E-blast to customers about your offerings for the season incl coupons in adv

@GoodiesForGifts mail chimp is great for sending out email blasts.

@suchimistra Email only as often as you have a great idea that helps your customer.

- Plan an Open House and get to know your local community and find out how you can support them! 
- Networking should be a KEY part of your marketing plan in any season. Even if it's local.

- Network at local business groups. Get to know the key players in your local market and branch from there. Be strategic with gifting.
- Send some free gifts to key players in social media that will give a shout out.
- Consider a daily or weekly campaign for specials. Be creative, plan NOW and campaign.
- Add value RIGHT now to your clients and customers and thank them for their business, keep your name top of their minds.

@Tweetsweettooth we give away things that don't 'cost' anything, copy of free ebook, evaluation of their social media package.

@dotjenna Plan social media content in advance, write Holiday related articles now. Schedule posts with

@TiafenConsult I plan to send New Year greetings to my clients. Most cultures celebrate the new year :)

I contributed some tips as well that got retweeted a few times... @KCbakes
- I ran a Halloween cake pop contest, it attracted 200+ new fans on FB that have remained on as fans afterwards.  I promoted it thru our FB page & Twitter. The contestants were main driving force bc they needed the votes.
- For B2B marketing, you could you do some version of a business card raffle? enter biz info, one lucky winner gets a prize.
To avoid burnout during holidays - be conscious of ur eating! Malnutrition weakens immune system, hard to sustain energy/focus.

Then I had this idea, really on a whim, and it got a huge reaction...
- Include business card magnet in with shipping. People will post it on their fridge... that way your brand is present.

My good Twitter buddy @Mustlovepopcorn from @BDKettlecorn actually ordered magnets that day! :)

I hope to see you at the next chat!


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  1. brilliantly summarised. have posted to my Facebook page, definitely some tips we'll be taking forward for our holiday preparation plans..x