Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Tuesday Muse-Day

It's no secret that yours truly loves owls. Baked goods, home goods, jewelry, stationary... if it has an owl on it, I'm in love.  I wasn't always so owl-obsessed, but after getting my degrees from Temple University, it was a natural progression. (Fun fact: I even have a little owl tattoo on my ankle!).

I follow several bakers, bloggers & foodies on Twitter, and I am LOVING how trendy owls are lately. And with the help of my ginger twin, Gigi of Sweetie Darlings, we keep our eyes peeled for anything owls. So its only fitting that our little feathered friend is the source of inspiration for today's Tuesday Muse-Day!  I could literally post hundreds of photos I have in the Owl Archives, but for your sanity (& mine), here are some of the highlights...

Owl Cake Pops tweeted by @CakeTheater

Owl Cookies tweeted by @SweetSugarBelle

Owl Cake tweeted by @doughmesstic

Check out this light switch that Gigi found this morning - the switch looks like its beak!

And for all you owl lovers out there not in "the know", check out My Owl Barn... you will thank me. Or maybe not; there are so many tempting purchases like this:

C'mon... whoo doesn't need an owly calculator? :)



  1. These are all adorable, ESPECIALLY that cake! I'm pretty so flattered you included me!

  2. Oh wow, thanks for featuring my owl pops! My 3 year old shares your penchant for owls and my husband had been wanting us to try making cake pops - so voila! Owl pops were born! :)

  3. I just bought an owl cookie cutter today! My grandmother loved owls and collected anything having to do with them. I have several of hers and always think of her when I see anything owl. :)