Sunday, July 3, 2011

To Central Market We Go

Growing up in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Saturday morning trips to Central Market were always something I really really enjoyed.  For most of you non-locals, Central Market is the country's oldest farmer's market, nestled in a stunning 120 year old red brick building, and is bursting at the seems with regional charm.

From time to time, my dad and brother would tag along, but usually it was just me & my mom.  Parking in the Prince Street garage, we always managed to enter by Mr. Bill's stand, and today was no exception.  The moment we walked in, I was hit by the aroma of the freshest seafood, taking me all the way back to when I was little and eye-level with those glass cases of fish and shrimp.  For some reason, this was always my favorite stand in the entire building.
Today, Mom and I were on a mission to get maple extract and bacon (for a recipe I’m experimenting with tomorrow), as well as produce and fresh shrimp for the kebabs we were making for dinner. 
Is it kebabs or kabobs?  You know what I mean - meat on a stick.  Potato, potahto... Tomato, tomahto, let's call the whole thing off.  OK, now I’m sitting here listening to Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong!

Market is sensory overload... in a good way.  It's proverbial cup runneth over with vibrant colors, incredible textures, potent fragrances and the buzz of souvenir-seeking tourists intermingled with regular shoppers skillfully navigating the labyrinth of narrow aisle ways.

Initially, I was going to narrate my little adventure today, but since pictures are worth a thousand words, I figured I'd let them do the talking .  To check out my journey, click on “Read More” link below my signature.


Aerial view of Central Market

The Herb Shop, stand #8

The Herb Shop, stand #8

The Herb Shop, stand #8

The Herb Shop, stand #8
Pineapple House Creations, stand #45
Rohrer Family Farm Flowers, stand #38

Rohrer Family Farm Flowers, stand #38

Meck's Produce, stand #19

Meck's Produce, stand #19

Market Street Produce, stand #32

Wooden flowers! I bought the red rose.
Spring Knoll Farm, stand #15

Artsy shot of our kebabs...kabobs? :)

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  1. I love farmer's markets!! This looks like a great one. Have you ever been to PikePlace in Seattle? A must if you've never been. You'll love the seafood. I agree that it is sensory overload. I usually overload on my purchases too:)