Friday, September 23, 2011

Healthy Cake Pops

In today's society, there's so much pressure to be thin.  With models like Gisele Bundchen on magazine covers, its kind of hard to avoid.  I mean look at her!   Oh by the way, this picture was taken two months AFTER she gave birth... AFTER! Whatta' witch. Er, I mean great job Gisele :)  Sigh, I wonder what it feels like to not have to "suck it in" for just one day... hmm... anyways, lol!

Being a baker, its tricky to avoid sweets because, hello, we have to taste what we make, right?  The advice I like to follow is a little something my dad always says - "All's good in moderation". 

However, there's still the health conscious consumer out there that wants to enjoy cake pops, but not the calories.  Cue Hungry Girl and Health magazine to the rescue!

Hungry Girl's Fudgy Marshmallow Cake Pops - 112 calories each

Health Magazine's Angel Food Cake Pops - 145 calories each

So if you want a healthy alternative to desserts, maybe try one of these recipes next time.  And don't worry about Gisele, that is pure genetics (at least that's what I tell myself, haha).  Have a great weekend!!!


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