Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kids & Cake Pops

Today I was babysitting some of my favorite kiddos, Daria and Talia, ages 6 and 3 respectively.  Last year, I made cake pops with them, and ever since, every time I come watch them, the first question is... "Did you bring cake pops???"  So last night I made a pink French vanilla cake that we could make pops with today.

I'm always impressed by how smart these girls are.  After quite a few baking sessions with me, they are so aware of food safety practices.  Today Daria said, "I have to scratch my nose, but don't worry I'll wash my hands after I itch it."  And she did.  I was so proud. High-five Daria!

This about the 4th time I've made pops with them, so now they like to tell me what to do; it's the cutest thing.  "First, we have to crumble the cake!"  Let me tell you... the 'crumbing' step takes mere minutes when you have two enthusiastic kids helping you.

After I mix the frosting into the cake crumbs, the girls came up with a role for each of us.  Daria is the Squisher - she takes a spoonful of the crumb/frosting mix, and squishes it into "blobs".  I'm the Roller, in charge of rolling the blobs into nice, smooth round cake balls.  Talia is the Putter - I hand her the cake balls and she "puts" them into even rows on the cookie sheet. 

Today we made cupcake pops... ta da!  They are so excited to take some to their teachers tomorrow.  Oh, and by the way, what do you think of KC Bakes' first stained cake pop stand?

Today wasn't "all work and no play" mind you :-)  After the buzz they got from making cake pops, there was a healthy amount of energy they needed to get out of their systems, so we took a stroll to the local park.  They had a blast playing on the jungle gym, running around and enjoying some time on the swings (which was way more work for me than them, lol).

How was your weeknd?


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