Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tie-Dye Cake Pops

So after all my color quandaries (see previous post), I managed to put some pretty fun color combinations together for my tie-dye cake pops!  These pops are for a coworker's daughter, Hailey.  One of my little cousins who is around the same age is also into peace signs, so I guess all things 'hippie' are becoming popular again.

So without further ado... here they are... ta da!

I was thinking about doint a tutorial, but there was really no specific method I used.  I put two colors of melted candy into a small dish, and dipped the pops in at different angles and twirled them around.  FYI: you will need a LOT of bowls.  I needed 6 to melt the candies, then 6 more for the different color combinations.

Little Miss Hailey just came to pick them up, literally as I was typing this - and by the look on her face, I think they are a hit! :)



  1. super cute!

  2. They look amazing! My daughter's BDay is tomorrow and I think I'm going to send these in instead of cupcakes:) Thanks!

  3. I just tried this and failed horribly. Any tips to share on the twirl technique? They are amazing!